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SENS Event

Event presented by the Sustainable Environment Network Society

January Monthly Meeting - Jim Pattison Bldg +  

Schubert Centre - 3505 30th Ave

Saving money, water and energy through Green Building

Donna Lomas, Dean of South Okanagan College, showcased the Penticton campus' Jim Pattison Centre of Excellence, completed in 2011.

Exec Meeting +  

Bean Scene - 2923 30th Ave

See attached

October Monthly Meeting - EcoSanitation +  

Schubert Centre - 3505 30th Ave
Kimron Rink - EcoTekEco Sanitation — a natural, living system where ‘waste’ has value, thus becoming a resource.
  • Saves your tax dollar
  • Saves your waterways
  • Supports good health (and more!)

Eco-sanitation avoids waste of water, prevents effluent discharge into lakes, and stops endocrine disrupters and heavy metals from entering ground water.

September Monthly Meeting - Food Preserving +  

Schubert Centre - 3505 30th Ave

About 50 people gathered to hear the invited panelists present food preservation techniques and ideas. 


John BarlingJohn Barling – Solar drier construction

Jaret Nield – Root cellar construction

Jocelyne Sewell – Seeds, plants, leathers

Julia Lissau – Canning, drying, preserving

Huguette Allen – lacto-fermentation

January Monthly Meeting - Local Food as our Economic Motor? +  

Schubert Centre - 3505 30th Ave

Variety is resilience

S.E.N.S. monthly meeting.

Over 100 people showed up to support making local food our economic motor. Excellent presentations were given as well as great comments and questions from the audience.

Links and references to the presentations follow below, including the problems associated with the industrial food system and the successes obtained by building a new Creative Rural Economy.