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News, Alerts and Updates

February 2021 monthly Meeting ONLINE

Thu, Feb 25, 7:00 pm to 8:15 pm
via Zoom
Spring 'Seedy' Event

THANK YOU to all our Zoom Seed Experts! Here is where you can reach them and order seeds:

West Coast Seeds Thank you Alex Augustyniak !
Wise Woman Seeds Thank you Sarah Bradshaw !
The Plant Lady Thank you Jocelyne Sewell !
Laughing Swan Farm Thank you Shirley Wells !


The Zoom™ presentations were on seeds types, choosing them wisely, and growing successfully. Experts shared favourite seeds and tricks of the trade!

Fly your Flag for Climate Action

W.L.Seaton S.S.

The Climate Action Club at WL Seaton Secondary is inviting the community to join them with our Fly Your Flag for Climate Action event. Inspired by Budhist prayer flags, club members and others in the school community created small flags that represented their hopes and dreams for the world and their future in it.

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